The Million Roadhouse Our Story

Experience Culinary Excellence

Savor Tradition with a Dash of Innovation at The Million Roadhouse

Welcome to The Million Roadhouse, nestled in the heart of Ridgway, CO where rich heritage seamlessly blends with the flair of contemporary dining. Amidst the San Juan’s stunning vistas, guests are invited to savor a carefully curated choice of local brews, craft cocktails, and a menu that marries the comfort of classic dishes with the excitement of culinary innovation.

Under the guidance of Chef Alan, our kitchen has become a canvas for creativity and quality. His dedication to sourcing fresh, locally produced ingredients ensures each dish not only delights the palate but also supports our community.

Join us at the best restaurant and bar in Ridgway, CO at The Million Roadhouse for great food, homemade cheeseburgers, indoor and outdoor bar seating, dining room and more
Join us at the best restaurant and bar in Ridgway, CO at The Million Roadhouse offering fantastic views in Ridgway, CO

More Than Dining

A Hub of Activity at The Million Roadhouse

Million Roadhouse is more than a dining destination: it’s a vibrant hub of activity. Our hybrid counter service model offers guests the flexibility to order at their convenience, whether at the counter or from their seats via QR code. Join us in a relaxing and spacious atmosphere with live entertainment, large televisions for sports enthusiasts, and adaptable spaces perfect for hosting any event, making every visit uniquely memorable.

Welcoming Hospitality for All

A Home Away from Home at Million Roadhouse

We are committed to welcoming both locals and visitors, creating a warm, inclusive environment where everyone feels at home. Our dog-friendly patio ensures that no family member is left behind, offering the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us.

Discover the warmth, hospitality, and culinary brilliance of Million Roadhouse—a place where every visit is a cherished moment.

Aerial view of The Million Roadhouse in Ridgway Colorado